What is “My Freckle”?

We call “My Freckle” to every jewelry piece, to the black sphere and everything that makes our designs unique. All our jewelry pieces are packaged in a black sphere that represents a freckle, and that’s why everything together becomes a Freckle.

Freckles make you unique, and your “My Freckle” piece will do so too. And when you choose a piece it will go to “My Freckle” (shopping cart).


Does every piece come in a Freckle (black sphere)?

Yes, every jewelry piece designed by Freckle comes inside a black sphere. The objects designed for Freckle don’t come in a black sphere because they are made in collaboration with other entrepreneurs inspired in our brand.


Are all Freckle pieces done by hand?

Yes, all Freckle pieces are done with care and love by hand. We use different production techniques to achieve great products and we focus hard on the details of each one.


What material are the Freckle pieces made from?

Freckle is characterized by the quality of the material: the silver. We use this 100% Mexican material seeking to represent the richness of the products of our country, second place in silver production in the world. Our silver pieces are Sterling Silver.

If you prefer your silver pieces golden we have two options, 14K gold or gold plated.

The gold plate is an extra coat we give to the pieces to achieve the yellow tones of gold. However, this gold coat needs special attention for it to last, that’s why we recommend the maintenance and product care for free to your Freckle pieces.


What happens if my Freckle piece doesn’t fit?

If you ordered a piece in a certain size and it didn’t fit you can send it to us and we’ll gladly return you the piece in a new size.

Note: 1. You need to pay the product delivery to us, and we will pay the delivery to you. 2. You need to send us the picture of the product the day it arrived to you. 3. You have two days to send the piece back to us so we can return the new one.


What if the piece that I received is damaged or broken, can I return or change it?  

In Freckle we want you to enjoy the experience of buying our pieces, so in the case the piece has a problem we take full responsibility. If the piece is damaged you can send it to us and we’ll send you a new one for free.

Note: 1.You need to send us the picture of the product the day it arrived to you. 2. You have two days to send the piece back to us so we can return the new one.


How long does it take for My Freckle to arrive?

After payment you’ll get a confirmation email with this information. If your piece is available at the time of your order, you’ll get the piece from 2 to 5 business days.


Can I order a piece that appears as not available? How much would it take to be ready?

We have the option of backordering a product, this means you can order your pieces even though they are not available at the time of your shopping. The production of our pieces takes two weeks, so you would be getting the piece in this time plus the shipping time.


If I want a ring and I don’t know my exact size, how can I know it?

There are different ways to know your size. We recommend you to check the ring size guide or to be 100% sure you would need to go to a jewelry store so you can check your exact size. The measuring unit we use is the American one.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we send to every country in the list and if your country is not on the list you would need to contact us directly at hello@freckle.com.mx with the subject: “International Purchase”. We will gladly attend you so you can buy your Freckle!


From where are you shipping My Freckle pieces?

We created Freckle in Italy and we started production in Monterrey, Mexico. Here we design, produce and package your Freckle so you can enjoy it wherever you are.

If you have any doubts fell free to contact us! You can send us an inbox in facebook or an email at hello@freckle.com.mx with the subject: “Question”.